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How to Choose Blackout Curtain

A blackout curtain provides a comfortable, calming atmosphere for a bedroom or home office. These drapes can block out the light that might disturb your sleep cycle, cut down on glare, and help regulate the temperature of the room. Blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and sizes for all types of windows. To find the best one for your space, decide what features are most important to you.

When shopping for blackout curtains, be sure to consider the fabric and color as well as any special liners or other additions that might affect how they perform. The weight of the curtain and how thick it is can also impact hangability; heavier products may require a more sturdy curtain rod.

The fabric of blackout curtains is key to their ability to block out light, according to the experts we consulted. They should be tightly woven to minimize light passing through the weave. Many of the top rated blackout curtains we reviewed are made with polyester or another synthetic textile, although some companies offer high-end options that use natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Many of the blackout curtains are heavy, making them a better choice for windows in areas where you want to block out sunlight and heat as much as possible. A heavy fabric will also be less likely to sag and create a wavy look on the window sill.

Another factor to consider is the opacity of the fabric, which can vary by brand. Typically, the darker the fabric, the better it will be at blocking out light. The shade of the curtain can also make a difference; some shades are more reflective than others.

Some of the highest-rated blackout curtains have special coatings that reflect and absorb light rather than letting it pass through. These coatings can reduce the amount of energy your curtains use, which can save you money on your power bills. Other manufacturers include a built-in thermal insulation layer that helps regulate the temperature of your home.

The best blackout curtains are easy to care for and hang. They should be able to withstand frequent washing and dry quickly, but you’ll need to check the label to be sure because the instructions will differ by product. For example, some can be machine-washed while others must be hand-washed and air-dried. Also, some contain foam liners that must be spot cleaned instead of machine-washed.