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How to choose curtain fabric

1. Consider the function of the room
The function of the room should be considered. Living room curtain fabrics can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. The curtains in the bedroom should be warm and safe, and the curtain cloth should be thick enough to effectively block light. The kitchen and bathroom curtain fabrics should be simple and smooth in style, practical and easy to wash, and the fabrics can withstand the pollution of steam and oil fumes. For the study, choose curtain fabrics with good light transmission performance, bright and elegant colors.
2. Match the furniture style
According to the different styles and materials of the home, match different textures, materials or curtains. Jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics match, and curtain fabrics with plant, flower, fish and insect patterns are the most suitable for classical solid wood furniture, which is the most classic theme. Curtain cloth and furniture are accompanied by weight, hardness and softness, calm and condensed, and quite elegant and atmospheric. Panel furniture is more suitable for matching printed curtains with light texture and bright color, which can mobilize the visual experience of lines, color blocks and geometric figures, and paint life into a vivid, romantic, concise and lively feeling. And silk, metallic luster fabric curtains are the most suitable for modern furniture.
3. Seasonal factors
Most families choose curtain fabrics without reference to seasonal factors, but I have to say that this is really important. In summer, it is better to use light-colored curtain fabrics with thin, transparent and soft yarn or silk, so as to ensure ventilation. In winter, it is important to highlight the thickness and warmth. How to choose the curtain cloth can consider the dense flannel with warm color and thick texture. If it is used in spring and autumn, you can choose ice silk, floral cloth, artificial silk, etc. If you want to save trouble, you can directly choose floral curtains, which can be used comfortably in all seasons.
It can be seen that curtain fabrics mainly include gauze curtains, Roman curtains, cloth curtains, etc. These curtain fabrics have their own characteristics. When people choose curtain fabrics, in addition to considering the fabric, they also need to consider the function of the room, the style of matching furniture and seasonal factors.