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How to Select and Use a Sheer Curtain

A sheer curtain is a window treatment that adds softness, elegance and grandeur to any room. They also serve to filter sunlight, soften sounds and offer privacy without blocking out all of the light. They can be layered with other curtains such as solids or drapes to increase privacy and functionality. They are also great for sprucing up patio doors, closet doors and door-less entryways into the home.

Sheer curtains are made from a translucent fabric such as polyester and are hung on a curtain rod. They look best when they are long and hang down from the window to create a soft pool of fabric on the floor that adds beauty to any room. They are often trimmed with tassels, fringe and other decorative elements to enhance their visual appeal.

When selecting a sheer curtain, consider the color of your furniture and other room accents. A neutral white, off-white or cream shade works well with any color scheme. Darker shades are also available and can be especially flattering if the room has a lot of neutral hues or grays. Brighter colors can also work well, but may show dust and dirt marks more than neutrals, so it is important to clean them often.

Depending on the material, sheer curtains can be quite heavy or light in weight. If you choose a heavier fabric, it is important to measure your window before purchasing the fabric. This way, you will be sure the fabric will be a good fit for your window.

If you are concerned about the weight of your sheer curtains, a liner can be added to help reduce their bulk and make them easier to clean. You can sew a liner to your sheer curtains or purchase a clip-on version that attaches to the top edge of the fabric and can be easily removed when you want to allow more light into the room.

While some people prefer to use a liner with their sheers, it is also possible to have a pair of solid curtains and then add a valance over the top of the windows for more privacy and function. This option is a great choice for those who have limited space or if they prefer a more minimalist look.

When using sheer curtains, it is a good idea to hang them an inch wider than the exterior of the window casing. This will give the curtains a fuller appearance and more of a wave to them. It is also important to buy fabric that is at least double the width of the window if not more, in order for the curtain to hang properly.