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The Benefits of a Blackout Curtain

A blackout curtain blocks natural light that can disrupt your sleep cycle and help you achieve a good night's rest. They also reduce noise pollution and add an extra layer of thermal insulation to your windows. These benefits can save you energy and money throughout the year.
While you can buy nonblackout curtains and add a lining to them, a fully blackout curtain is the best option for total light blockage. The fabric, color and thickness all affect how much light is blocked. Look for a blackout curtain that's made of thick, soft fabrics like cotton and linen to ensure the best light blocking capabilities.
If you're not in the market for a new set of curtains, you can easily add blackout capabilities to your existing ones. Many retailers offer blackout liners that come with rings to slide over the rods. These easy-to-use drapery liners are available in both solid and sheer options and can be purchased separately from your curtains.

A quality pair of blackout curtains is a must-have for your bedroom, especially if you're a light sleeper or struggle to fall asleep at night. They can also help reduce the noise level in your home and muffle street traffic. The most effective curtains are those that can reduce both uv rays and incandescent light, but even a lower opacity can greatly improve the overall quality of your sleep.
Blackout curtains should be washed on a gentle setting, as the high temperatures of the washing machine could damage the blackout lining. Instead, they can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and water. Then, blot the curtain to remove excess liquid and dry completely before hanging again.
Some blackout curtains are designed with a rod pocket and grommets, while others use loops or back tabs to hang. To get the most out of these curtains' room-darkening abilities, they should be hung a few inches beyond the window frame on all sides. To make sure the curtains are as opaque as possible, they should also be positioned a few inches above the floor.
The best blackout curtains are made of high-quality materials, have a smooth appearance and a hem that's properly stitched. They should also be able to withstand repeated washings. Look for a pair that's backed with polyester to prevent fading and fraying, as well as to increase the curtain's lifespan.