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How to choose the right tablecloth?

1. At present, the tablecloths on the market can be roughly divided into four types: PVC plastic, fabric, cotton, linen and satin. The main advantage of PVC plastic tablecloth is that it is oil-proof and waterproof, easy to clean, and has more choices. The main advantage of fabric is that it has very good hygroscopicity and feel, and its color will be more gorgeous. The main advantage of cotton and linen is that it is very natural and environmentally friendly, and it is very durable. And the satin tablecloth is also very delicate, generally we do not choose it. Therefore, we can decide which material tablecloth to choose according to our own preferences.
2. We also need to choose the suitable tablecloth according to the decoration style of the home. Everyone knows that tablecloths generally have many patterns, but not every pattern is versatile. For the pastoral style, we can choose some small floral dining tables, and for the simple modern style, we can choose some solid color or plaid tablecloths.
3. Residential Online reminds you to pay attention to the size of the tablecloth when purchasing or customizing the tablecloth. Because we have to reserve enough space for the front, back, left and right of the table. Generally speaking, our default reserved size is at least about 30CM in each direction.