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Which is the best curtain fabric

There are many fabrics for curtain fabrics, such as pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and can also be woven from concentrated raw materials. Among them, polyester has high strength and elasticity, and is wrinkle-resistant.
Types and characteristics of curtain fabrics:
1. Cotton has good air permeability, soft but not smooth texture, comfortable hand feel, but easy to wrinkle, easy to fade, poor elasticity, easy to grow mildew, but resistant to insects.
2. Hemp is similar to cotton fabric and belongs to plant fiber, with strong drape, clear texture, smooth surface, smooth surface and good air permeability; thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity are higher than cotton fabric, tough, sweat-absorbing and refreshing; good anti-fungal property, Good water resistance, not easy to be corroded by water. Low sensitivity to acid and alkali, elasticity is the worst among natural fibers.
3. Polyester has high strength and elasticity. Not only strong and durable, but also anti-wrinkle, no ironing after washing. Low hygroscopicity, easy to wash and quick dry. The strength does not deform after wet. The permeability and melting resistance are poor, and the disadvantage is that the fabrics blended with cotton, wool and viscose are improved. Good abrasion resistance and thermoplasticity.
4. The luster of silk is good, the fabric is soft, and the product is more natural and noble, suitable for summer, and has good hygroscopicity. The disadvantage is that it shrinks and wrinkles easily. Pay attention to storage and use acidic detergent for washing.